Welcome to the world of Octavia!


I am an art student with a passion for illustration and storytelling. I use Octilda Odds as my artistic name.

This blog is dedicated to one of my illustrated projects. It is a fantasy story mixed with elements of steampunk and past decades.

The project’s title character, ‘Octavia‘, was originally a character I accidentally came across in 2012. Since then, the character’s world and story have grown and evolved into one of my biggest illustrated novel projects.



‘Octavia’ is currently in the conceptual phase, but I really want to develop this thing into a proper story. I think that writing about the project might clear up my thoughts a bit and  help me to keep track of all the concepts and ideas I come up with.

I will post here illustrations, concept art, thoughts and ideas, animated clips, inspiration pictures and music.

Stay tuned to see glimpses of Octavia’s world bit by bit!


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